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My name is Mayur Pawar, and I am the writer for this blog. I am an advertising professional with an experience of 4 years from the Client Servicing background and have worked as a Brand Manager for multiple brands. When it comes to the digital world there is so much we can do today with just a mobile phone. I started as an Account Executive from a reputed advertising agency and grew from thereon. However, I was never this digital-savvy and just use to send emails from here to there like a postman alike a few other clients servicing people. One day my group manager told me to go and read about what is happening/trending which you can use for your brands or else as you grow there won't be any value for you in the market. He told me a Client servicing person is just not supposed to send emails and take briefs.; a client servicing person should be able to fulfill the requirement of any of his colleagues. May it be design, copy, social media or even development for that fact. He is supposed to be the one-man army and should be able to curb down the workload with whatever is possible. From there on I just started reading blogs like Afaqs, Adweek, Scroll, etc and slowly I started to gain interest from there on the journey started and the hunger for knowledge just couldn't stop.

The main goal of this blog is just to share tips and ways which can benefit an individual in any possible way it can. 

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