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7 Free Chrome Extensions Which Every Digital Marketer Needs in 2020

These 7 Google chrome extensions will surprisingly reduce the amount of hard work and time you need to complete a task and fastrack your productivity level. I tried them and believe me they do wonders.

Google chrome extension is a way you can add a bunch of tools which will help you while you are on your browser. Here is a link for the Google chrome extensions store

For those who are visiting my blog for the first time, I would like to introduce myself as Mayur Pawar the writer of this blog. I am an advertising professional with experience in Digital Client Servicing for more than 4 years. I have recently started My Youtube channel. Please subscribe to support. In this blog, I share my experiences, updates, how-tos, etc. related to social media marketing, passive income ideas, Digital Marketing Tools, blogging tips and current trends are few them to be named. At the end of this article, you will learn 7 best chrome extensions which are free and a must have tool for the digital marketers.

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Shutterstock - Earn from $0.25 - $200 per image sold. Payment method (Paypal)

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PicFair - Open your own online store for free. You can customize the amount you want to sell every image for. Payment method (Paypal)

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If you like content, I promise you will fall in love with Zest! Zest is a content stream that keeps the users updated with the latest, few of the most insightful and delicious updates of the content industry. You can find all types of articles, blogs penning about startups to established strategies from the scope and many more topics. I have been using Zest for quiet a long time and it has been helping me in my day to day updates about the trending topics. You can check out the features here


Who doesn’t like to impress their clients? We all do! Well, if you are the one who deals with emailing, blog writing, content creation or just an individual who likes to write by adding a flavor of your own to it, Grammarly is just a recipe you would need. Install Grammarly on your desktop and get your personal content checker right in your Gmail. While you write Grammarly automatically marks the error and suggests you with rich synonyms of the words. Grammarly makes sure that you never face an Oops! moment with your client. I have been using Grammarly for more than 3 years now and not only it has reduced my mistakes but has also built up my vocabulary power as well as the way I write.

Pinterest Save button:

When it comes to marketing, ideas are the whole and sole of it and there is no better library for ideas than Pinterest! Ever faced that situation where you want to read an article or watch a video that poped up on the internet in the middle of your busy schedule? Well ‘Pinterest Save button’ is the one-click capture you should cage on your extensions list. Pinterest Save button allows you to add any particular image, page or link to your Pinterest boards so you can save them and take a walk through any time you want! Here is a path for your creativity

Free Marketing Tools:

Best Marketing tools like SEMrush, Strikingkly website builder, Combin Instagram Marketing tool, etc. at special discounts and limited-time offers for free. Everything you need to rank your brand higher on Google search engine. Try Now


Need to make an instant report for the client meeting? Similar web is the go-to tool for you then. It helps the user to view the traffic of any website along with its key metrics and also allowing the user to track the total visits, bounce rate, traffic source by countries, devices' geographic locations, etc.

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Email Tracking for Gmail – Mailtrack

Facing situations like ‘delay in reverting the feedback’ or ‘ignoring the payment emails’? We all have at least 1 client that cannot slip out the money easily from their pockets. With Mailtrack you can track every single email you send. (✓) means that your email has reached the recipient but has not been red yet on the other hand (✓✓) means that your email has been opened.

Now who is not aware of bitly? Bitly is a powerful link shortener website which shortens big links in just a click. That is right but there are a lot of marketers who don't know the actual use. I do agree that you can shorten the link and it helps you to save characters where there is a character limit, however, a lot of marketers go on the bitly website and just shorten the link and they have no track about how many times did the link got clicked or any other information about that particular link. To know the stats of the link all you need to do is create a free account with bitly and you will be able to track all the analysis related to that bitly.


As a digital marketer, your goal is to gain a maximum amount of engagements, reach, likes and followers from your creatives/campaigns that you plan for your brand while using social media. Hashtags are just not relevant on Instagram, they play an equally important roll on Twitter as well. In order to gain the traffic using hashtags we often end up using the most popular ones, however, that is not the case if you use a very popular hashtag in your post might not even get the impressions you are looking for because a lot of people have used that hashtag earlier and your post in that race will end up dying. That's where HashTest comes in the picture. All you need to do is search for the hashtags you are planning on adding to your posts HashTest gives you an in-depth analysis of how much traffic can that particular hashtag gain you what will be thee reach etc.

Apart from the above ones, you can also checkout the Google chrome extensions translate if you want to translate a particular page to any language or just translate a sentence you want to speak. So those were my top 5 chrome extensions which make my life easy as a digital marketer.

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