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Apps and softwares to use for Stock Photography

If you are lazy like me and don't want to spend long hours in stock photography these are the only apps you will need. They are simple, quick and most importantly FREE!

To start with, if you think that Stock photography is just you can click images and upload them as you do on Facebook or Instagram on the stock photo websites; that is not the situation. Of course there are stock photography apps through which you can upload the images but those are more time consuming than uploading them on a desktop. When you do it from the desktop you have more access and you can quickly add tags to a more no. of pictures than when you do it on mobile. On mobile apps, you will have to add tags to every image one by one and in case you are going to upload more 4 shots that have been composed in a different way but the subject is still the same there won't be an option to copy-paste the same tags as well. With the below tools mentioned, I am sure you will save a lot of time and you will be able to upload many more images in one single go, also, you have Xpiks which I have mentioned below so you have to worry about writing each and every tag/keyword that you wish to add to an image. You can just simply search on the top websites and copy-paste their tags for your images.

For those who are visiting my blog for the first time, I would like to introduce myself as Mayur Pawar the writer of this blog. I am an advertising professional with experience in Digital Client Servicing for more than 4 years. I have recently started My Youtube channel. Please subscribe to support. In this blog, I share my experiences, updates, how-tos, etc. related to social media marketing, passive income ideas, Digital Marketing Tools, blogging tips and current trends are few them to be named. At the end of this article, you will learn the apps and softwares I use and which are quick and easy to edit and upload your stock images online.

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Become a Stock photographer and start selling your images now

My top 5 paying stock photography websites:

Shutterstock - Earn from $0.25 - $200 per image sold. Payment method (Paypal)

Getty Images/iStock - Earn 20% ($10-$500) royalty of every image sold. Payment method (Paypal)

Adobe Stock- Earn flat 33% ($5 -$300) of the amount paid by the customer for your image. Payment method (Paypal)

PicFair - Open your own online store for free. You can customize the amount you want to sell every image for. Payment method (Paypal)

Most Photos - Earn 50% - 60% of the amount every image is sold for. Payment method (Paypal)

You need to understand what exactly can be helpful for the buyers. Stock photography is completely different than normal photography. First things first, the images which get downloaded can be used on a few of the below platforms.

1. Social media

2. Websites

3. Hoardings

4. Billboards

5. Digital banners

6. E mailers

For the curious ones:
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Do you need to see the frame as in whether the image which you are uploading can it be used on any of the above-mentioned platforms? Now I know that there will be thousands of images that are available online however how can you make your image stand out. The first and best way that works for me here is I always try to capture an image from a different perspective/angle or try to compose an image in a different manner. Now let's get to the tools that I use.

After capturing the image, the first thing you need to do is edit the image. When I say edit it doesn't mean just applying filters. There are points like you need to check the image for:

1. Any grains on it?

2. Is the exposure right?

3. Are there any brand logos on it?

4. Is there any recognizable property in it?

5. Is the image color tone proper

6. Are there any objects which you need to remove from the image?

7. Is the saturation correct?

Now even if you checklist all of the above points, there is still a possibility that your image can get rejected but wait don't lose hope. I edit my images purely on the Adobe Photoshop Express app, as I don't have the time to get on the actual software and tweak it. It's is available on Android as well as iOS. But that is only if I feel the image doesn't require too much editing. The best editing app which I find is Snapseed. It is not that easy to edit images on Snapseed however once you know the app you will just love it! Plus it is Google's own app and there are a lot of tutorials you will find on Youtube about Snapseed photo editing

Now coming to the part where for instance you have a wonderful image but there is an object/person you don't want so you either need a model release to be signed or the best part is you can just remove them from the image! Now, this can also be done via Snapseed; but I personally prefer hassle-free editing so I use a paid app called Retouch. This is app is available on the Android store and you can purchase it at the amount of Rs 200

After the editing, part is done, and for your images to get recognized, you need to add title, description, and tags to your images. Tags are nothing but keywords that speaks about what is your image about, what is the place, where can it be used eg. For the below image I can use the tags like (leaf, green, abstract, pattern, nature, forest, etc)

For adding tags I use the software that is XPIKS. XPIKS is really easy to use also it gives you the exposure about what are the keywords added by other stock photography contributors on their similar images. Once you have added these 3 you are all set to showcase the world a vision with your own eye. You need to get on the respective dashboards and upload them. Usually, the images take 5-7 days to get reviewed. Once they have been approved, they will start appearing on the website.

The cherry on the top:
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Till Then Keep Geeking ;)

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