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How I got my Google Adsense approval | Achievement Unlocked

This comparison of facts VS myths is all you need to get your Google Adsense approval in less than 1 month for your new blog. The facts that no one talks about.

And finally, I have approval from Google AdSense! Yes, this is the moment I was waiting for right from the time I started writing my 1st blog post for this website. It's not been a long time but still for me its a very big moment as after consistently working on the design, the content, the marketing, etc for my new blog I received that golden email from Google Adsense yesterday in the evening that brought a really big smile on my face.

Without any delay, let's start how did all this happen. About a month back that is on 8th Feb 2020 I signed up for Wix, purchased the plan with them and started creating this blog with the hope of getting approval in the 1st week. I know it sounds crazy on my side that I was expecting Google to approve my website in just a week but the reason for this expectation was my last blog which I started in the year 2018.

I always had a feeling that I cannot do a 9-5 job and need to start something of my own. I knew it was not going to be as easy at it sounds but I took my chance and I started in 2018 on the WordPress platform and initially, though I found it easy, later on for adding the components which I really felt like having on my blog led me in a lot of trouble right from some of the coding requirement to setup few pages to the SEO to maintaining the consistency and look of the pages. At that time, I applied for Google Adsense after a week when I started my blog and next week my AdSense account was approved. Similarly, for my website I started, it wrote nearly 10 posts and sent it for approval and viola! I received approval from Google that quickly at that time. But because of the issues I mentioned above I did not continue and left my blog as it is and went back to the 9-5 work life.

For those who are visiting my blog for the first time, I would like to introduce myself as Mayur Pawar the writer of this blog. I am an advertising professional with experience in Digital Client Servicing for more than 4 years. I have recently started My Youtube channel. Please subscribe to support. In this blog, I share my experiences, updates, how-tos, etc. related to social media marketing, passive income ideas, Digital Marketing Tools, blogging tips and current trends are few them to be named. At the end of this article, you will understand the facts and myths about how can you get your Google Adsense approval for a blog that is less than a month old.

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Its been 6 months I am working for an ad agency and again I started getting the same feeling that I just cannot work I need to have something of my own. I read a lot of articles online especially the ones which are related to the advertising and marketing industry. For me, it's that obsession that I need to know what is the latest trend which people are talking about. So considering the knowledge which I have I started writing again. I completed setting up the entire blog similarly this time I just wrote 7 posts and applied to the Google Adsense this time when I submitted my website for the 1st time Google took about 14 days to respond and when I received the response from Google it was a denial.

It really scared me and I started reading everything related to 'How to Get Google Adsense Approval' for my blog as Google when they rejected they did not specify as to what was exactly wrong with my blog and why did they reject it and as this was my 1st time that I was rejected I started asking help from the people I know I also got in touch with the Adsense community and asked them all my doubts. And the response which I got from the Google support team was furthermore saddening as they said my content was not different from what is currently present on the Internet and Google is looking for something that is fresh in 2020.

That just added to my worries, however, I did not lose hope. I was certain this time that no matter what I will achieve it and create a successful blog. A) Because this is was I really like to do B) I love to share the knowledge I have and it really makes me happy when I am able to help people with the things which I know.

So after I got the 1st rejection I waited for a week, wrote a few more articles, added few more pages and sent the application again to Google. This time they rejected it in less than 24 hours and I really panicked. But as I said I thought it through that this time I will make it a success. So I again back to the entire R&D this time I got to know that there are certain requirements that should be covered before you apply to Google Adsense. I watched a lot of Youtube videos to understand where exactly am I going wrong made corrections and sent the application again day before yesterday i.e. on the 6th March 2020 and I received an email from Google Adsense yesterday saying my website is ready to display the ads! The reason I am writing this article is again to give people proper guidance as to what is the fact and what are the myths that people have been talking about how to get Google Adsense approval in 2020.

Step 1: Purchase and domain and hosting for your blog.

Now I know there are a lot of platforms where you can create a free blog however, Google does not consider free domains for displaying their ads and they feel it is a spam website. So go ahead shell out some cash and purchase a domain and hosting plan. People say only high-end domains ending with .com,, .net, .org are the ones which you should purchase as Google will give you approval for them however it is just a myth. Google provides approval on any domain as far as it is an individual one. It might be ending with .io, .xyz, .tech etc.


  • Only higher-level domains get accepted for Google Adsense


  • Any domain is accepted for as far as it is an individual domain and it does not violate the Google Adsense policies.

Step 2: Choose a professional-looking theme. In order to make their website stand out from the other, there are a lot of people who go ahead with a complicated-looking theme. Please do not do that. Google is not looking for an extraordinary looking website to display their ads. It is simply looking for a professional and clean looking template-based websites where users can go through the content along with the ads are displayed properly without affecting the readability of the website. The more clean looking theme you use the better of a chance you get approval from Google.


  • Google approves your website based on how beautiful your website design is no matter how the UI/UX is.


  • Google approves the website based on the clean, responsive design along with the UI/UX of the website in terms of how easy is it for the people to navigate through your website.

Step 3: Write regularly, write in detail, write what you feel. Once you have completed the above 2 steps now its time to show that what exactly have you got with you. You can write about anything that you feel is a good niche for you. All Google is looking for is the knowledge that can help their customers. Now no one is expecting a professional writer; but, you need to be at least good with the basics and should be able to express your thoughts. There are a lot of topics that you can choose from in order to start your blog.

Just pick up the topic that interests you and start writing in my case I love technology, social media trends, apps and websites that help to increase productivity or for a matter of fact passive income is another niche that fascinates me so I write about these. whichever topic you choose make sure you write on a regular basis and upload the blogs. Also, another thing that I would like to include is all you posts need to be at least 500 words and above at least before applying to Google Adsense later they might vary but I would suggest writing as much in detail as you can because that's when your content will start getting value and the readers will love to read. Publish at least 20 posts on your blog which should include images as well. Now when I say 20 do not upload all the 20 all at once. Try and publish 1 post per day. And the most important criteria is to write your own blogs I mean do not copy-paste the content from any website on your blog that content will be considered as plagiarised and it will lead to the termination of your Google Adsense account.


  • You need to write a minimum of 40-50 posts

  • The posts must be a minimum of 1000 words and above


  • You need to write a minimum of 15 -20 posts

  • The posts must be a minimum of 500 words

  • The content should be original and written by you

Step 4: After writing, now its to tick the checklist which is apart from the above. In order to get approved, there are some pages which you will need to create on your blog as these are the pages that are like a guideline in order to get approved from Google Adsense. You need to have the below pages on your website and again the content on these pages should not be a copy-paste thing. It has to be original.

  • About Us page

  • Contact Us page

  • Terms & Conditions Page

  • Privacy Policy Page

  • Disclaimer Page

  • Sitemap

For the About Us page, you will have to and have to write genuine content about who you are what do you do what is the purpose of your blog. It is always good to be clear and crisp to answer all of the above questions in your About Us page. For the contact us page, you can simply create a form and add it to the page. For the other pages below is the link through which you can generate customized content for your website.

Step 5: This the final step and is a bit difficult compared to the above ones if you are not aware of what is Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Linking your accounts, etc. to achieve this final step you need to first create a Google Analytics account with the same email id used for your website and Google Adsense. It is a very simple process to sign up and get registered. Once you have approval you will need to connect your Google Analytics account with your Google Adsense account to know how to connect Google Analytics with Good Adsense you can check the Google support for this. Post this is done you will need to register your site in Google search console by adding it as a property. Once your website is added to Google search console and you have verified it you are all set to submit your website on Google Adsense.

Checkout the video to know more:

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With the above steps I shared, I am 100% sure you will get approval. Do let me know if you found the above article helpful. Please share your valuable feedback, it will just takes 30 secs. Or you can get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter

I will be back with another article soon, if you want me to write about a particular topic do share the same with me on

Till Then Keep Geeking ;)

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