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How to add Google Ads in your Wix Blog Posts | Detailed Guide 2020

Adding Google ads on your blog was never this simple. A detailed guide for new wix bloggers to start earning from Google Adsense

Now that I have successfully set up my blog and its up and running also, to be honest, I have started getting revenue from the blog, not a lot but ya it's just a start. I have placed the code from Google Adsense on all the pages I want the ads to be displayed and thankfully its all working fine. But, the real thing is I can only place the automatic code on the pages of my website like Home page, About us, Contact us, etc.

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How beneficial is it going to be placing the code on just the above pages? Because when the user lands on my website, the maximum amount of time is spent on reading the articles/blogs which means the ads should be placed in blog posts rather than just pacing 7-8 ads on the rest of the pages that is when it will actually benefit me and help me to earn more and more of a revenue.

A few days ago when I received approval from Google Adsense, after that I started to read more about how can I generate a good amount of revenue through the ads while the stats like I will get paid as the impressions and the clicks on the ads grow is the basic of what we knew. But the real catch was now that I have created the entire website, how do I place my ads in my blogs where I will get the maximum amount of traction. I searched all over the Internet and could not find anything so I got in touch with the Wix support team and they helped me figure out the below process.

To start with, though on the other pages of your website you can place the auto codes for the ads that means you can place the responsive ads but in the blog posts you will need to place fixed dimension ads. Wix currently does not support the responsive ad feature for the Blog posts.

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So here is what you will need to do. Go to your Google Adsense account on the left sidebar, select the Ad Units. after clicking on the ad units you will see 2 options one is ads by site and the other one is ads by unit. You need to select ads by unit and I would suggest going with the recommended option that is 'Display Ads' after that you will need to select the type of ad you want to display it can be square, horizontal, or vertical.

There are a variety of ads that you can choose from my personal favorites are 728X90 and 300X250 as they do not affect the readability issues when my readers land on the page. However, you can choose the best one as per your website design. Name the ad unit and click on create.

Once you click create you will be given a code you just need to simply copy the code. Now come back to the manage posts section and click on add a new blog button to write a new blog. In the section to write click on the + button and click the insert link symbol.

Once you click on the adding link button you will need to click on 'Add HTML or URL' the icon that looks like a pencil and paste the code copied from the Google Adsense then check where do you think you can get more no. of clicks on the ad and hit publish. Thats about it this way you can place as many codes as you like on your Wix blog posts.

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