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Insanely Awesome and FREE Blogging Resources Every New Blogger Must Use | Grow rapidly on Internet

9 free blogging resources every new blogger must have on their checklist to grow their blog presence on the internet rapidly.

It has been 2 months since I have started blogging. I never have struggled with what content should I write, but the difficult task was to gauge that the content that I have created is engaging enough for my audience? how do I manage to share and spread it at the most peak time on social media when users are most active during the day? Is that headline catchy enough to attract the eyeballs? My main goal is to share the knowledge that I read and know about digital media but at the same time will my content get visibility on Google? these are a few things I struggled with. But as time passed and I read and read the articles of fellow bloggers, I came across these ____ tools which helped me massively to ideate, create, share and engage users with my content and I am sure they will work wonder for you too!

First things first, when you start writing a blog what is the first thing that is needed? you would say a headline/title; I say no. The headline can be decided as the last stage just when you are about to publish your article. So what's the most important thing? it's your content! When I want to write about anything, I just type without looking at the mistakes or corrections, just type because that is the time when your mind is just shelling out the words and you just need to get them on your screen. But, even if I am writing neglecting the errors, it can be a tedious task to again go through the entire piece and check word byword for spelling mistakes, grammatical enhancements, punctuations, etc. So I would say write but use the correct tool. In this case, you can either use Grammarly or Hemingway editor. My first tool is Grammarly.

Grammarly - I use Grammarly as its less complicated, simple to use and understand plus it is like having your English tutor on your screen!

While you write Grammarly continuously refreshes your content score on the top right-hand side corner giving you an understanding of the total score of your article this score derives the readability, the quality of words that you write, your spelling errors, punctuations, etc. It is advisable to keep your article score at least above 80 I target my content to be anywhere between 85-88 nothing less than that. Once you are ready with the rough content, all it would need is for you to click on the words highlighted in red to make the corrections. Grammarly is a free to use tool that you can install your system also, the advantage of using Grammarly is it has its Google chrome plugin so you can run the check on your content on any page, it might be your Gmail, or simply when you are posting a comment on Social media!

For those who are visiting my blog for the first time, I would like to introduce myself as Mayur Pawar the writer of this blog. I am an advertising professional with experience in Digital Client Servicing for more than 4 years. I have recently started My Youtube channel. Please subscribe to support. In this blog, I share my experiences, updates, how-tos, etc. related to social media marketing, passive income ideas, Digital Marketing Tools, blogging tips and current trends are few them to be named. At the end of this article, you will learn

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If you are planning to start a new blog, below are the cheapest websites that offer a free domain and hosting plans. I have done a research and these are best ones which I find when it comes to ease of building a website or blog.

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Google Keyword Planner - After you have chalked your article with your rough and raw words, its time to see if there are any search terms that you have used in that raw content and those might be helpful for your content to get search results on Google. Suppose you are writing an article about your latest achievement of receiving approval from Google Adsense on your new blog and you used 'How I got my Google Adsense approval' as one of the raw search terms; mark all such search terms that you feel would have a good search volume and paste them in your Google keyword planner. Google keyword planner allows you to check 10 search terms at a time and it is completely free. Now see if those search terms that you marked are having a good monthly search volume which would be displayed once you hit enter. The best part is the Google keyword planner tool gives you suggestions that are similarly based on the search terms you include so check on the ones with higher search volume and replace them in your article. In this way, you will reach closer to the high searched keywords which will be included in your article. In case you feel you can further improve your SEO rank, search for other keywords which you have not currently included in your raw content and try searching them if they are relevant to your content and have a much higher search volume you can include them as well but make sure your content doesn't get off track. For the terms that you feel are relevant but cannot be directly included in your content make a list of them on a notepad and save them. You will need them later. If you are writing an article of 2000 words, make sure you at least include 40-50 keywords.

Once your article is grammatically correct and includes the keywords, its time to add the links that will be helpful for your audience while they are reading your article for reference. Make sure to include as many proofs or internal links so that your audience is clear at the end of the article about the topic that you have written about.

Bitly - When you link any page on your blog, it will be of no use until and unless you know how many times has the user clicked on them to read more information. So whenever you are adding any internal links, make sure you first create a bitly of the link and then add that link in your post. Bitly is a free tool that you can use to shorten the long URLs and it also allows your track the no. of times your link has been clicked. Trust me it helps a lot. - Pexels is a free stock images website from where you can download the images you need and are relevant to your blog article. I know other websites offer free images as well but the best thing I like about Pexels is that it gives you an option to download the image in the exact dimensions you need it in rather than saving your time to upload the image on some other software and sit to resize it. You can simply type the required dimensions and hit download.

Google trends - Once you have downloaded the images that you need, you will need to rename them as per the higher ranking search volume of the keywords. Yes, that is right, not only the keywords you include in your article help you to rank higher on Google search engine, but also the way you name your images that are uploaded on the blog do a great job. Now as I suggested above to make a list of the keywords which could not be directly included in your content, copy-paste them in Google trends and see how often are they getting searched. In Google trends you can filter the search results by country and time period which can be helpful to understand if you should rename the mages as per them if it has a google search rate, start renaming your images with those Google search terms for eg. "how-to-get-approval-for-google-adsense-quickly" make sure you separate the words with '-' this will help Google bots to crawl through your images and display them in the search results further helping you to rank higher on Google.

Coschedule Headline Analyzer - Now that your body of the article is ready its time to finalize the headline. The Coschedule Headline analyzer is a great tool when it comes to checking the engagement level of your headline. All you need to do is type the headline that you feel would be suitable for your article. Coschedule headline analyzer will give you a score based on how catchy and effective the headline is. I finalize all my headlines that are at least above 75.

Canva/Adobe Spark Post - The article is ready now, lets dive in the creative bit you will need an attractive creative to make people click on your link. I know Canva is good but I just find Adobe spark post much better. Decide the platforms you want to share the article on. You can resize the layout as per the platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. in Adobe Spark post its easy and quick plus, you can also make an animated GIF that would attract more no. of audience. You can check out the

Free Marketing Tools:
Best Marketing tools like SEMrush, Strikingkly website builder, Combin Instagram Marketing tool, etc. at special discounts and limited-time offers for free. Everything you need to rank your brand higher on Google search engine. Try Now

Google Hootsuite/Buffer - Buffer is a good platform it's simple however when it comes to managing the social media at one place I recommend Hootsuite slightly above Buffer. This social media management tool is a savior when it comes to understanding what people are talking about your brand, handling all your social media accounts at one place, you can schedule your content with Hootsuite for at least 2 months in prior also depending on the time you want it to be shared on each social media platform. It also helps you to respond instantly to any comments or queries that people have. Hootsuite is available as free as well as paid. I would recommend going for the free plan if only you manage your social handles; in case you have a team you will need a paid plan which starts with $9.99 per month and if you want to pay yearly it will go around $108 for 2 users. Also, along with the social media platforms Hootsuite currently offers you to manage your WordPress blogs as well.

Mailchimp - After you have published your blogs on Social media, its time to connect with your audience through email marketing. A lot of people do not consider sending out marketing emails when they are not convinced by the CTR (Click-through rate). The CTR depends on a lot of parameters like, what kind of database do you have, in order to drive instant traffic bloggers usually purchase a set of a database for the initial stage when they have less content on the site and expect a huge turnover. Well, that is not going to help, you will first need to build at least a good amount of content on your blog site. Let's assume you shared an emailer with the purchased database, and they also clicked on it. But when users come on your website, it is highly unlikely that they will just read that particular blog and leave the website. For the purchased database user to convert into an organic lead, you will need more and more content that can engage them. In case the user doesn't find any relevant article or very few articles which they can relate to they will never subscribe to your site. So it is always advised to first create good content, second, send out emailers even if you have 20 subscribers in the 1st month. This is where Mailchimp comes in the picture. Mailchimp allows you to have a monthly 2000 subscribers that are free. You can send as many emails as you want to them. I have a database of only 25 subscribers to my website currently, however, I do send out the emails regularly, it might not help me to gain more conversions to build my database, but trust me the average duration spent on my website with these 25 users help a lot in order to balance my bounce rate of the website.

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