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Ok, Google. How to master Google's search engine? | Tips to browse Google the way you want it!

Get the exact answer you are looking for with these handy searching tips for Google Search engine. Thank me later.

OK, Google,

Today, this phrase is all that we need to say to know any information about anything in the world at our fingertips. Google is one of the most important parts of our lives, we may not realize it while we browse the search engine giant N no. of times a day. Since we are so dependent on it, why not master the search engine?

Below are 7 tips to Master The Google Search

"Quotations" (""/'')- While searching for something specific ;) add the words or set of words that you are looking for into the quotation marks.

For eg. Free "digital marketing tools" Google will then show you the pages where the phrase in the quotation marks is added together this way you can refine your search.

Tip: - Include ("") while searching to mark a speech in the piece of writing. In most of the English speaking countries, double quotes are used as a sign of direct speech whereas the single quotes are marked to be speech within the speech.

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Dashes/Hyphen (-) - Use this powerful symbol to throw the 'word' or 'set of words' out of your search results. For eg. best-hosting plans online -Wix doing so will eliminate that particular word from your search results giving you other options than what usually the word is searched for.

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~Tilde~ (~) - Open for suggestions? this is symbol you will need. As a kid, I always wondered what does that 'S' looking symbol indicate and what is it for? Well you just got the answer to that one. Add the tilde before the word/words so that the results can include the synonyms of that word. For eg. Diwali ~crackers so it will show you all the results with diwali and synonyms to crackers.

Site: query (site:) - Know your destination? Search for it directly. Site: query is a command used to search either a specific website or to search a term within the website. For eg. site:

Link: query (link:) - Use link: to search for the site which is specified to a site URL For eg. link:

The Two Periods (2001..2020) - Looking for past news, a report, or a record but can't remember the date, want to know the measurement? here is when the two periods play a vital role, simply add the name of the event you are looking for and include these 2 tiny little dots between them. It will search the entire record within that period of time. For eg. Movies 1990..2000

Related: query (related:) - If you want to know everything about the information you are looking for on the net this spell of words can do wonders for you. Add the command related: before the term/word and hit enter! you have all the information you need related to your search. For eg. related: Facebook

Now that you know how to master the Google search engine, make the fullest of it the next time you say "OK Google"

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Till Then Keep Geeking ;)

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