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Paypal's Women's Day Contest | Women Entreprenuer 2020

Its a week before we are going to hit 8th March (International Women's Day). While all brands are busy in planning and executing their campaigns for the International women's day 2020, Paypal has launched yet another contest to support and appreciate the achievements of a businesswoman. This year they have come up with a campaign which is a very simple yet effective one. Every year they come up with different concepts for women's day contests which are easily doable and worth giving a shot.

This year Paypal has asked their user base to share the story of a woman entrepreneur whom you know. Yes! it is that simple. If you are a woman entrepreneur or you know anyone and would like to put light on their struggle and success story participate in the 2020 Woman's day contest. The top 3 entries will get a chance to be featured on Paypal's newsletters and thee top 25 entries will win Paypal voucher worth Rs 2000. All you need to do is submit your entries on this form and submit your entries.

The last day for the entries is 20th March 2020. There few Terms & Conditions which Paypal mentioned:

  • Only using the above form is how you can participate or send in an entry.

  • Your entry needs to be submitted before 20th March 2020 only then it will be considered as a valid entry.

  • The person you are nominating/you should be an Indian woman who is owner/co-founder/entrepreneur of business and has an active PayPal account.

  • Your entry should be an original story and it should not violate any copyright issues.

  • By submitting the entry for this contest you are agreeing to Paypal to send you emails, they can contact you through phone and/or your postal address.

  • All material submitted for this contest will become PayPal’s property and PayPal has the right to use the submitted material for promotional purposes or other purposes at PayPal’s discretion.

  • PayPal reserves the right at its sole discretion to take any action that may be available, including to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the offer and/or disqualify any entrant, at any time with or without notice.

  • PayPal’s decision on the winner will be final and binding.

In the year 2019 Paypal launched a 5 min video that discussed the factors like fundraising, diversity, taking risks, etc. that women should take into consideration for their business. Pay supported the cause throughout the month by asking women to share their stories on and donated a $2 to the causes that support women after an eligible purchase made at any store in the U.S

This year's contest is only for Indian women. Share your entries and stand a chance to win! Do let me know your views on this article at

Till then Keep Geeking

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