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Quora - The best place to add free backlinks for your blog

Create backlinks on Quora for free and drive insane amount of organic traffic instantly on your new blogs for life

How to create free backlinks on Quora? a beginners guide for 2020.

What are backlinks? A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website. For eg. If you have an article written on 'How to earn passive income in India?' on your website and you found a Youtube video which you think is an add on to your article when you link that Youtube video on your website in your article that is considered as a backlink for that particular Youtube video.

For those who are visiting my blog for the first time, I would like to introduce myself as Mayur Pawar the writer of this blog. I am an advertising professional with experience in Digital Client Servicing for more than 4 years. I have recently started My Youtube channel. Please subscribe to support. In this blog, I share my experiences, updates, how-tos, etc. related to social media marketing, passive income ideas, Digital Marketing Tools, blogging tips and current trends are few them to be named. At the end of this article, you will learn 2 simple and effective ways of 'how to add backlinks for your website on Quora?'

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Creating backlinks for your website can be a difficult task, plus if your website gets added on another website that has a low-quality score, you get hit with the penalties from Google as well so it is very important to create or develop a backlink that redirects to your website through a high score rating website. If added properly, quora backlinks can do wonders for your website.

Why do you need backlinks? Backlinks are one of the most important parts of search engine optimization (SEO) because some search engines, especially Google will give your website higher priority depending on the no. of high quality backlinks you have from other websites. When you get traffic through quora backlinks it is considered a very high rated backlink.

What is Quora? Quora is a simple question and answer forum where people can ask a Quora question regarding anything and the other users share the answers to it. The users can also edit Quora questions and answers on this discussion forum platform. It is one of the the best sources through which you can get free backlinks on the internet.

Why is Quora a good platform for adding backlinks? Whenever a person asks a particular Quora question, the users who answer can also add a link to their own/other websites that drives organic traffic from Quora. Considering that Quora ranks on the 72nd position of the global websites, 2nd position after Wikipedia in the dictionaries and encyclopedia category with a monthly average organic traffic of 483.59 million users Quora backlinks is a gem of a platform for new bloggers to gain online organic traffic.

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How do I signup for Quora? Quora allows you to signup through 3 methods, you can directly sign in through your Facebook or Google accounts or you can create an account from your email id.

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How do I add my backlink to Quora? Method 1. Step 1 - This is the most simplest method to add a backlink in Quora after you sign in you will see an 'Add Question' tab on the top right side of the screen click on that as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 2 - A pop-up screen will show your screen with 2 options 'Add question' and 'Share link' you need to click on share link. Now it asks you to write something about your link, you can add the title of your article or you can check the most trending Quora questions/keywords related to that article through the best free tools for keyword research like Google Trends or Google keyword planner and frame the Quora question accordingly add the link and click on share link. Depending on the search volume and people clicking on your link you will start receiving the traffic on your website. This method will take some time in order to start redirecting the traffic on your blog.

Best Keyword Research Tools:

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Method 2. This is method is a bit time consuming but it is a quick way to get good no. of website visits in no time. For this method, you need to analyze what is the question that people can ask for which the answer can be your article. You need to then search that Quora question in the search bar and add your answer to people's queries regarding that article. But here you cannot just copy-paste your link in the answer. With the increasing bloggers day by day there are a lot of links that are just added on Quora and which are not informative.

Quora is looking to share the best user experience to their readers and will not allow your answer or might block you if you just keep on spamming the same link even if the Quora question is not related to your article. You will need to write some content that is relevant to the question asked and you can add the link on which you wish the user to be redirected. Quora checks your answers and only then verifies it whether it is a valid answer or not.

Tip : 
1. You can also directly answer Quora questions related to your topics from the Menu bar 'Answer' section

2. When you write your answer you can add the same paragraphs of the article which you have written and then add your link. Just make sure it is long enough for Quora to approve it

3. Quora blog is the best place to get all your answers and learn new skills

For the curios ones:

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