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The best link you need to have in your Instagram profile bio

Get all your links organized at one place, with this app you will never need to update you bio everytime you upload an Instagram post and its absolutely free for life.

Now, this post doesn't have to do whether you are a blogger, a website owner who wants to promote their articles, an influencer or simply an individual.

We all are aware that Instagram posts do not support adding links to them. There will be a lot of content that you want to share with your loved ones or a general audience, and there is a possibility that you do not have your own website/blog to do so. Well, Linktree is all that you need. this not so unique site allows users to list their own favorite sites, blogs, articles, videos, almost everything! you can simply add your favorite article on your Linktree board and it will automatically get updated on your Instagram bio. So now sharing the article is a much more easier task after you have added the link on your Linktree board just make an image of the headline or it could be just a picture you upload and you write in the status mentioning about the link in the bio.

For those who are visiting my blog for the first time, I would like to introduce myself as Mayur Pawar the writer of this blog. I am an advertising professional with experience in Digital Client Servicing for more than 4 years. I have recently started My Youtube channel. Please subscribe to support. In this blog, I share my experiences, updates, how-tos, etc. related to social media marketing, passive income ideas, Digital Marketing Tools, blogging tips and current trends are few them to be named. At the end of this article, you will learn how can you showcase all your articles on Instagram through a single link.

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Become a Stock photographer and start selling your images now

My top 5 paying stock photography websites:

Shutterstock - Earn from $0.25 - $200 per image sold. Payment method (Paypal)

Getty Images/iStock - Earn 20% ($10-$500) royalty of every image sold. Payment method (Paypal)

Adobe Stock- Earn flat 33% ($5 -$300) of the amount paid by the customer for your image. Payment method (Paypal)

PicFair - Open your own online store for free. You can customize the amount you want to sell every image for. Payment method (Paypal)

Most Photos - Earn 50% - 60% of the amount every image is sold for. Payment method (Paypal)

Coming to costing, this product comes for as cheap as $6 per month which is not event 500 Rs in Indian currency! but what I would suggest is to go with the free version. The difference you get in the paid and the free version is very simple as listed below.

Free Plan $0

Unlimited links can be added

That's about it :P

Paid plan $6 per month

Leap Links - Set a timed link that bypasses your Linktree.

Link scheduling - Schedule your link to go live and turn off at specific times.

Priority Links - Use link styling to draw attention to one link.

Link thumbnails - Add images to each of your links.

Newsletter signup - Seamlessly collect email signups directly from your Linktree.

Social Icons - Make your social platforms easy to discover

This platform also allows analytics reports if you wish to see that but again you need to shell out money honey for that!

With regards to analytics, for the pro user it provides:

Views - Know how much traffic your Linktree gets. (On a weekly or daily basis)

Link clicks - View which links get clicked and when. (On a weekly or daily basis)

Click through rate - Understand how links are performing with click through rates. (included)

Wherein for the free users, the stats are as below

Views - Know how much traffic your Linktree gets. (Total views)

Link clicks - View which links get clicked and when. (Total clicks)

Click through rate - Understand how links are performing with click through rates. (Not available)

Also in the below picture, you will get a fair idea about customization.

And the below image is for understanding the customization possible with your paid plan.

While you get more integrations in the paid plan I would suggest only go for it if you really need it. I have done my research and understood that the big brands as well use it only for the free version as it has an unlimited listing for the links and thats what we really need to showcase our work or it could just be an article on the internet that you like or inspires you also if you have a good website traffic, who cares about the paid one? below is the marketing freedom if you sign up for the paid version.

And last but not the least below are the possibilities that are an extra cherry on the cake!

Free Marketing Tools: 
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For the curious ones:
Mistakes that you can avoid while you optimize your Instagram account | SEO Using Combin Scheduler

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