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The truth about Pinterest Marketing | Secrets you need to know as a new blogger

How I built 10,000 monthly viewers from 0 in just 20 days of my Pinterest account with these secrets most of the blogger's don't talk about

How do I start a blog? if you would have this question to me 2-3 years back the answer would have been completely different. However, today starting a blog is a piece of cake. All you need to do is buy a hosting plan a domain name of your answer a few questions and there it is your blog is ready is less than 10 minutes. And, with most of the hosting providers providing a domain name for free also adds on to it. While there are plenty of options you have when it comes to choosing the hosting plan, below are a few of the best and the cheapest ones which I have listed in 2020.

Start you website for just $2 or Rs 119 per month:

The cheapest website hosting and domain plans you need:

Blue Host - With Rs 199 per month, you can get the best hosting plan along with a FREE domain for 1 year, FREE SSL certificate, 1 click WordPress installation, 24/7 customer support and a 30 day money back guarantee

Hostinger - is the ultimate limitless hosting provider. With its Unlimited websites, Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited bandwith for just Rs 45 or Rs 119+ FREE domain registration, FREE SSL certificate to secure your website, 24/7 customer support and a simple yet powerful website builder this is the plan you need to get started.

Bigrock - With the personal plan starting at just Rs 99 per month, Bigrock offers 1 website with a massive 20 GB storage and 50,000 monthly guaranteed visitors this is your go-to plan for new bloggers 

But today creating a blog is not the difficult task, the difficult task is to maintain it, make it worth where people come and like to spend time reading what you have written and the most important ones are to drive the traffic that would be interested in reading your articles. If you have just started your blog and want to grow your organic traffic, Pinterest is one of the most powerful and reliable platforms to do that. I started my blog in February 2020. In the initial days, I just wrote my blogs and shared the links on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. However, I was not able to drive the amount of traffic that I planned. So I read on the internet and got to know about the famous blog directories where you can submit your blog links. The best blog directories to submit your blogs in 2020

Tip: When you are choosing a blog directory to share your blog links, make sure that the domain authority of that blog directory is decent enough or at least between 60-70 otherwise Google will penalize your blog for gaining your traffic from the low DA blogs and your Alexa ranking will go bizarre.

I started getting the traffic however, it was still now what I expected so I searched on how to grow my Pinterest account and how to grow Pinterest followers. I opened my Pinterest account about a month back that would be in March and I have built my monthly viewers from 0 to 10k monthly viewers in just 20 days.

Before jumping to the list of things I did that helped me to grow my organic traffic and drive more visitors from Pinterest, lets get to know a few facts about Pinterest. Now most of us already know what is Pinterest, for the ones who are new to it:

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform where users can share and discover visually appealing and informational blogs or articles that can be saved broadly known as 'Pinned' on your boards.

How does Pinterest work?

When a user discovers your pins or the pins that you have saved on your boards and find them helpful, they can add those pins to their boards which further can be read by their followers and can be saved by them resulting in growing your Pinterest following and/or growing your business on Pinterest.

How many Pins can I add on my Pinterest board?

There is no limit to the no. of pins you can add to a board, however, make sure that the pins are relevant to what your followers/audience want to read.

What is a Pinterest business account?

A Pinterest business account is nothing but a dashboard where you can get the insights of the pins you have pinned. Meaning you will get answers to the questions like, how many times my pin has been viewed? or how many times my pin was saved? how many times did users click on my pin? how many users engaged with my pin/board? you can also see how many monthly viewers have you gained? when compared to the previous month. Also, you can setup Pinterest ads through your Pinterest business account and track the stats for your ads. However, Pinterest only has a few countries where it is possible to set up ads as of now. You can check out the list of the countries here.

What are the additional benefits of a Pinterest business account?

You can claim the accounts, that is your website as well as other social platforms through your Pinterest business account like your own website/blog or your Youtube channel for that matter.

Is creating a Pinterest business account free?

Yes, creating a Pinterest business account is completely free.

If you follow the below tips I guarantee you can gain 500 or more viewers per day for on your Pinterest account.

Create eye-catchy pins:

I know that when I say eye-catchy, it should be visually appealing. However, for me, I come from a marketing background so I tried to add pins in a different way. Usually, people find an appealing picture and add the title of the article on them but I decided to go a bit different. I created a template with a plain background with my brand logo and started adding the pins just to experiment and it gave me a good result. The thing which worked for me here is while all the other pins which I saved on my boards had that appealing image, mine was just a template with the text resulting in grabbing the users eyeball and causing the curiosity about this pin can be different from the others which led to more visitors in just a few days. Below I have shared a sample of how my pins looked compared with the other ones.

Add quality and not quantity to your Pinterest boards:

A lot of people say that pin as many pins as possible per day; however, I would say differently. What is the point of pinning 30-40 pins a day if they are not relevant to your audience? I also pinned around the same no. however, I changed my strategy when the results were differing. I started to pin only 5-10 pins per day but the ones which are most relevant to my followers/audience and that gave me a much better result.

Join Pinterest group boards:

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, Pinterest group boards can do more than wonders. Pinterest group boards are nothing but a community of bloggers who share similar interests. You can share your pins in the group boards and drive an enormous amount of traffic to your blogs.

Create multiple pins for the same article:

Everyone likes eggs, but not everyone would be enticed to see an omelette on their dish; some would prefer scrambled eggs, some would go for boiled or some would find half fry as the go-to dish. The similar way, when I say create multiple pins for the same article I mean along with changing the image for your pin try changing the content/title on that pin as well. For eg. Quora - The best place to create free backlinks. This title might want users to read about Quora, however, "Check out the best place to create free backlinks in 2020" can cause curiosity in a different amount of audience. You can check out the Coschedule headline analyzer so see how engaging your headline is. Click here

Make use of the claimed accounts:

When you create a Pinterest business account, it gives you the feature where you can claim certain social media accounts. I chose to claim my website and the Youtube channel. This helped me to grow my traffic not only for my blog but also helped me to get the same followers to turn into subscribers for my Youtube channel. You can SUBSCRIBE my Youtube channel here

Not just pins, share URLs as well:

While the majority of people add only pins on their boards, I would also suggest starting adding URLs of the other blogs you read on any other platforms or the links for your Youtube videos for that matter. Adding URLs is a very simple way you can add pins on your boards and it really works well if you add the links which your audience is actually interested in.

Do let me know if you found the above article helpful. Please share your valuable feedback, it will just takes 30 secs. Or you can get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter

I will be back with another article soon, if you want me to write about a particular topic do share the same with me on

Till Then Keep Geeking ;)

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