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Websites to earn money by writing articles | Blogs that say write for us and get paid $100 - $200

These insanely awesome websites will pay you huge amount for writing articles even if you are a fresher with no writing experience.

Yes, that is right; you can earn money through your experiences! I know to share your experience with everyone can be a bit terrifying! rather a (Nightmare) sometimes :p But, what if I tell you that you can earn a big chunk from not by recording some video or, talking in front of the audience; But, just by sharing your thoughts or experiences about the things, the apps, the websites which fascinate you, the new hacks which you love or it could be opposite to this. Where you love gardening, cooking, knitting, drawing, etc.

When I say big chunk I mean to say $100 to $200 just for sharing an article which is 1000 words long and that too just one of it. There are several platforms that I have on my list, Below which I listed for Indians and abroad. You can get paid for writing about anything. That's, right, if you stay abroad, and you love to write, or you are just an amateur; this platform is for you. Medium is one of the most updated, clean and to the core news blog.

What is Medium?

Medium is an online platform, where you can read as well as upload your articles, and earn money based on the time the readers spend on your article. For every article that you submit, Medium pays you on the time spent in reading your article. At the end of every month, Medium pays its contributors 50% of the profit and on top of that, you get a daily update regarding your earnings!

However, there are only 36 countries where Medium can share their revenue. That is because they use Stripe as the payment method and unfortunately Stripe pays to only 36 countries as of now. But they are daily making progress. If you want to know which are these 36 countries, click on the link Medium is a non-exclusive platform in simple language this means that you can add the same post which you have written for your website. But, don't just copy-paste the article. Try to build up a story and an interesting one. which people would be curious about reading so that they make it till the end.

Now coming back to Medium, Medium allows you to read only 5 posts a month. Once you have read the 5 posts, you will receive a notification saying that you have already viewed 5 articles for the month.

In case you are just a voracious reader and lusty towards growing your knowledge, you can join Medium at just $5 per month and this particular amount from your end is equally distributed amongst all the contributors and is been shared in your Paypal account. In case you don't like to pay for reading new things, we are alike. You can try these below blogs and get an answer to almost everything regarding

a) Digital Marketing

b) Social Media Trends

c) Passive Income

d) Technology Made Simple

There are other free blogs where you can stay updated based on what is happening on social media, what are the trending topics/topical posts, viral campaigns on social media platforms; if any platform changes its algorithm or is going to add a twist to its existing feature; you can check out:

Stay In Trend

Digital Marketing

Social media examiner

Marketing land

Neil Patel

Search Engine Journal, etc. Few of them even pay you for writing articles like Social Media Examiner check out this link

However, just for staying updated if you ask me which one is my favourite? I would say I love Social Media Examiner. That is because the articles are long and are detailed about a particular topic.

As correctly said by - Alexander Pope (1688 - 1744) "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing"

Having half knowledge about marketing tools can be embarrassing in front of your clients; especially if you are into the advertising and marketing industry. There are several websites that pay you to write for them. I have listed below a few for your reference.

Wow Women On Writing

Wow Women on Writing is always on a hunt for new and fresh content. But have a community of female writers only. Even if you are not an experienced writer that is fine. All you need to do is contact them through the link check out for the requirements. They have a list of upcoming themes you need to choose any theme which interests you and send the article for submission. Please read the instructions carefully before emailing the article to them. Also, they do not entertain general issues/questions so your emails will be deleted without reading them. You can check out the instructions here. Once accepted you can earn $50-$100 per article. As a payment method, they use Paypal.

Strong Whispers

Strong Whispers is another site through which you can make money. If you an established blogger or a freelancer this is the site you don't want to skip on. They are looking for articles that are based on the trend, how interesting your article is and a detailed thought to it. But when you send them the pitch you just need to send the topic on which you want to write, How is your article outline going to be and your published sample, in other words, your blog URL or the articles which have been written by you and are online. Please do not send the full article.

(Tip) - When you are suggesting any topic, make sure you know in detail about and/or do proper research before submitting the article. The pay for the articles is negotiable however, they pay an amount of $50 on average for a published article. You can check out their articles to understand their taste for writing. Please submit original content, plagiarised content users will be blocked. Here is a link to the guidelines for their write for us and get paid. Payment method followed by them is Paypal

No experience? that's ok. New to writing? that fine. Can you make someone laugh with your words? Are you a creative brain? Can you create videos/infographics? If that's a yes from your end, we could do wonders together. is a humor site. You can send an article idea with 5 subtopics a column for each. You can get paid $50-$100 per article. Also, if you are a designer there you can participate in their various programs if selected they will pay you $500 per design there is also a way of sharing humorous infographics you can receive a payment of $100 is getting published on the website. You can check out how to apply in more detail on this link.

Do let me know if you found the above article helpful. Please share your valuable feedback, it will just takes 30 secs. Or you can get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter

I will be back with another article soon, if you want me to write about a particular topic do share the same with me on

Till Then Keep Geeking ;)

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