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Sell images shot on your smartphone!

I have listed below my top 5 paying Stock Photography Websites along with the amount they pay per image

Shutterstock - Earn from 15%-40% per image up to $200 for an extended license. Payment method (Paypal)
Sign up link - Stock Photo and Image Portfolio by Mayur V Pawar | Shutterstock

Most Photos - Earn 50% - 60% of the amount every image is sold for. Payment method (Paypal)Sign up link - Sell your images on Mostphotos

PicFair - Open your own online store for free. You can customize the amount you want to sell every image for. Payment method (Paypal)Sign up link - Log in to Picfair

Adobe Stock- Earn flat 33% ($5 -$300) of the amount paid by the customer for your image. Payment method (Paypal)Sign up link - Adobe: Creative, marketing and document management solutions


Getty Images/iStock - Earn 20% ($10-$500) royalty of every image sold. Payment method (Paypal)
Sign up link - Mayur Pawar Stock Image and Video Portfolio

Make some Passive income!

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